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Awakened Soul Living

Awakening To You

Hello Beautiful Souls and Welcome to Awakened Soul Living!  

This is a sacred space to inspire, guide and support you during the Great Awakening and Ascension Process we are experiencing during this amazing time on our planet!

Are you are feeling differently about your life and want to make a change but don’t know where to begin?

Have you been consciously awakening and searching for a while but still feel lost navigating and the ups and downs that come with finding your truth and changing your energy and your life?

Perhaps you have been navigating the ascension path, all is well, and you’re simply looking for an authentic, loving, and joyful guide to connect with new wisdoms, teachings and offerings to further expand your awareness?

I am here to Inspire, Guide, and Empower You to live your best Awakened Soul Life!

Through my classes, ceremonial circles, individual and group sessions you will find many ways to engage and support yourself as you awaken to your soul’s truth.


I have created this platform to offer you my gifts in Quantum Energy Work, Ascension Coaching, Taoist Yoga Practices, Shamanism, Reiki, Sound Healing, Light Language, Sacred Plant Medicines, Gridwork, and more to bring forth a highly supportive path for all willing hearts!

May you find this sacred space filled with the Higher Light Frequencies of Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness, Universal Wisdom, Sacred Truths, Authenticity, Transparency, Acceptance, Trust, Wonderment, Co-creation, Peaceful Vibes, Joyful Abundance, Magic & Miracles, Divine Blessings and so much more!   

May you find You and Your Truth!

In Lak'ech Ala K'in, (I Am But Another You)




Kelly is a multi-faceted being of light that is simply a miracle herself. She is full of love, and a vessel of divine energy that powerfully flows through.

Ashley, W.

Kelly has the unique ability to connect on many levels and help open the doors within ourselves to guide us in finding the answers that reside within all of us. 

She is gifted, insightful, full of compassion, empathy and wisdom way beyond her years.

Melinda, S.

Kelly has helped me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and I consider it a blessing to know her. I am grateful for her guiding voice and healing heart.
I recommend getting to know Kelly and see how she can touch and guide your life.

Benji U.

Kelly is a gifted spiritual maestro, elegantly orchestrating her gifts of intuitive healing, spiritual wisdom and enlightenment while compassionately serving as a beacon of light guiding one’s way through the soul's awakening journey and igniting one’s inner personal power.

Becky S.

I have been blessed to work with Kelly for many years.  Her gentle soul and powerful healing energy are
truly transformative.

Sarah G.

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