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 Hapé or Rapeh


Purify and Align Your Energy

Hape’ is a dried tobacco snuff made by various tribes in the Amazon.  It is pronounced Rapeh in Spanish and Hape’ in Portuguese.

The tobacco plant is very sacred as are many plant medicines. Tobacco often gets a bad name because many people associate it with cigarettes, addiction, and ill health but the plant itself is very misunderstood.  For thousands of years indigenous people have been working with this medicine as a tool to help connect them spiritually to gain insight and knowledge.

The indigenous people revere this medicine and consider it to be one of the greatest healing plants that this earth has to offer. 

Shamans have used this plant on a regular basis to help heal people of many different illnesses. The difference between using this sacred medicine and smoking a cigarette is the intention and respect of this medicine as well as being chemically free unlike the tobacco found in cigarettes. Also, set and setting are of utmost importance when working with any of these medicines – Keep it Sacred!

Tobacco is an amplifier of intentions and prayers, so when you work with it in this way your prayers and intentions get amplified. 

The main ingredients in Hape’ are usually tobacco and tree ash and often times other seeds, leaves, and plants. The other various plants are used for additional healing properties or their aromas.


The tobacco itself is cured jungle tobacco called Mapacho.

This specific species of tobacco is much different than common tobacco found in cigarettes and is often times 8-10 times stronger and has no extra additives or chemicals and is made with prayers and intentions for healing. 

The ashes from sacred trees are also added to the snuff as an alkalizer to balance the tobacco. Then seeds like Lopo or Wilma may be added to increase the visionary properties of the Rapeh or flowers may be added to increase the feminine properties.


Rapeh is blown into your nose through a blow pipe. You can use a Kuripe, which is used to serve yourself or a Tepi which is used to serve others.  


There are a variety of benefits to working with Hape’ and can range from physical, psychological, energetic and spiritual.  You may find many benefits, such as:


  • De-calcifies Pineal Gland

  • Clears Negative Energy 

  • Focuses The Mind

  • Centers and Grounds our Energy and Connects Us to the Earth

  • Opens Physical and Spiritual Senses and Awareness

  • Cleanses and Purifies the Physical Body and Energetic Field

  • Offer Protection of the Energy Field

  • Connects You to Your Spiritual Guides

And much more depending on which plants are mixed with it.


This medicine can be used in most situations where a ceremony is called. This medicine can be used alone or in combination with other sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca or Kambo. 

I invite you to join me in ceremony where you can receive Hape’ as well as to purchase this powerful plant medicine and choose from over 56 blends, applicators, and many ceremonial items!



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