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Meet Kelly

Beautiful Soul Family

My name is Kelly, and I am here to help guide you back home to the divinity you hold within and create a magical and miracle filled life!

It is not by chance that you are here reading this as everything truly happens for a reason!


So please feel into your heart and the energy here as we unite through this sacred portal.

I am a Wayshower and Sacred Guide for Awakening Souls that are looking to create a truly empowered, authentic, joyful and soulful life.

As an Earth Keeper, I am also here to support the re-birthing and restoration of our beloved Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama. Specifically, I work with Gaia’s crystalline grid and am specially called to work with the sacred waters of this planet to benefit Gaia and all living beings.

After starting my conscious awakening journey 18 years ago, I have traversed many teachings and sought to know myself through many paths of initiation.  I have had many wonderful teachers and guides along The Way to which I am forever grateful.


I am blessed in this now to embody and share with you many higher universal wisdoms, cosmic truths, ancient practices and earthly guidance and techniques to accelerate, inspire, and support you through your awakening and ascension as it is divinely perfect for you.  

It is my honor to hold this sacred space where your journey will unfold with more ease and grace to create your Awakened Soul Life!


My Mission

Walk With Me

I am here to support all that are called to live a better, more conscious and awakened life, as well as to create and grow a vibrant community to support the embodiment of New Earth Consciousness!

The Awakening Journey is a journey of remembering our divine consciousness and soul’s unique expression.


Through my own 18 years of awakening, I understand it can be a wild and crazy time filled with many beautiful moments, pure blessings, and magic and miracles! However, I also know it can also be a time of confusion, disbelief, and intense healing as the veils begin to lift and we see more deeply into self, the world around us, the truth of all that is, and the truth of who we truly are.

The Soul Awakening process is unique for each person, yet it follows similar steps and initiations during the higher consciousness integration and expansion.  It’s like an academic journey for the soul led by your higher self and the divine through you and for you in this lifetime. This can be confusing to our human programming and consciousness.


There are many processes, concepts, initiations, lessons, activations, universal truths, and sacred tools available.   Wherever you are in your journey, know that all the answers are right there waiting for you – you just need the keys to finding them!

My mission is to share those keys - what I have alchemized over the last 18 years - to allow your awakening to flow with greater understanding and acceptance!   I offer you this guidance from a place of pure love, compassion, transparency, authenticity and joy!




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