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I'll Meet You There

The Great Awakening is truly happening now – the signs are all around us – My soul is jumping with joy! It is happening as I knew it would, and I have been preparing for this time for years! 

My mission at this time is to hold sacred space and continue growing a nurturing community for all.


As exciting as this all is, it can feel crazy, upsetting, confusing and a host of other things as we move through our soul lessons, initiations, and step fully into the magic and miracles of 5D New Earth! 

It is with a humble, grateful, and joyful heart that I offer myself as a sacred guide to create community as we awaken to new ways of thinking, feeling, and living our lives as awakened souls on our sacred earth mother, Gaia.  

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Soulful 1:1 Sessions

1-1 Sessions


Let's Walk Together

Each session is as unique as you are and what spirit wants to bring through for you!

I will work with you to understand where you are in your journey, what your joys and challenges are, what you would like to change or are being initiated through in that moment.  


I meet you where you are.  


I will then work with spirit, my own higher wisdom and intuition, quantum healing, sound healing, Reiki, shamanism, light language, plant medicines, ceremonial practices and more to bring in the highest light guidance and healing to support you.  

I always come from a place of non-judgement, authenticity, transparency, deep compassion, unity consciousness and pure love.

If you desire an in person session, please contact me directly at 847-212-9453.


I am you and you are me.

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SoulfulGroup Sessions

Group Sessions



Let's All Fly Together

Group sessions are an opportunity to connect with others and receive guidance on specific Ascension and Awakened Living topics. 

They are a great way to share, learn and connect in a community of like-minded souls!  

Let us support one another to Unify, Uplift, and Empower all – We are not alone and as we heal and grow so do all!


Please check the calendar for upcoming group sessions either In Person or via Zoom!

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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