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Open Your Heart-Mind

Journey with me to learn a bit about the history of Cacao and how we can work with it during our awakening journey and Awakened Soul Life! 

Origin of Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies originally served as religious rituals for ancient Native cultures. Used as a tool to lift the spirits of the soon to be sacrificed in the Aztec kingdom, required in the marriage ceremony due to its link to fertility, and even a part of the baptism ceremony and the birth of the child. Cacao in the ancient Americas was used in virtually any ceremony of importance.


In addition cacao was often used for various medicinal purposes. The flowers were cited as a remedy for fatigue, while the beans were used in conjunction with other plants to help alleviate fever. 

Cacao was also used to improve digestive issues, as a nutrient to treat abnormally thin and weak patients, and as a stimulator of the nervous system to improve mood and virility.

How is Cacao Used in Ceremony Today?

The modern Cacao Ceremony has been birthed out of the same ideas of the ancient cultures, being tools for rejuvenation and self-discovery. The ancient cultures, although continuously vanishing in the modern world, provide insight into a life more intertwined with nature and the spirit. 


Modern day Cacao Ceremonies, though not directed towards ancient Gods, embrace the meditative properties of cacao, relaxing the body, opening the heart, and clearing the mind for moments of pure self-reflection to ensue. 

The cacao used in these ceremonies is ceremonial grade cacao that is blessed by a shaman.


A Cacao ceremony is not a “trip” or drug-induced ritual.  Cacao Ceremonies are a facilitator of self-reflection and spiritual awakening, allowing one to consider who you are, analyze one’s hopes, wishes, and dreams, and let go of the past in order to grow from it and build a better future for oneself and others.

Why Go to a Cacao Ceremony?

Modern medicine has revolutionized the way we understand ourselves. Often, these medicines heal our bodies, but in this healing we may be neglecting our spirits. 


Cacao Ceremonies can facilitate the potential for one to regain that lost spiritual balance. 


Other experiences centering around this spiritual healing often rely on hallucinogenic or out-of-body experiences, but a Cacao Ceremony is a time of relaxation and self-reflection to provide an inner-silence allowing one to purvey the mind in peace and come to peace with the self. 


Through this peace, mental clarity can be achieved, and mental clarity is imperative to an improved daily life, uptakes in creativity, and self-guidance. This ceremony is an exercise in mental health, and the health of a person starts with a healthy spirit, as a healthy mind allows for the preservation of the body.

I invite you to join my Cacao Ceremonies as we come together in Love & Peace to Unite for the greater good of all.  We honor Mother Earth, and open our hearts, minds and bodies to experience a magical sacred journey with Cacao and with ourselves. 

Each ceremony is a unique and transformative experience!

If you wish to journey with Cacao personally you can do that as well.

Multiple and single serving ceremonial grade bars for creating your own ceremony are available here:

In Munay,


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