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Work With  Me

Beloved Soul Family


I am a Starseed here in service to God’s Divine plan as a steward of this beautiful planet and for all living beings as we move into the era of Unity Consciousness and higher vibrational living many refer to as New Earth.

As a visionary and awakened soul, I am here to show The Way for awakening souls.  As a Wayshower, I am here to guide, support, and empower you during your individual journey and our collective journey of awakening. 

​I am here to offer you my guiding hand to actualize your soul awakening with as much grace and ease as possible.  

There are many processes, concepts, initiations, lessons, activations, universal truths, and sacred tools or companions available to support you.   It is my mission to share these with you through this sacred portal and our work together.  


My mission is to assist you in accelerating your journey and support you as you awaken to and alchemize your Awakened Soul Life!

So, it is through my heart that I humbly & gratefully offer you this wisdom now.  May you find what you need to awaken to your Divinity, your Truth, and the Wisdom to become the Empowered Creator of your Life! 

I look forward to walking with you. 



Every class or session with Kelly leaves me feeling lighter, happier and more connected to my soul.  She is full of wisdom and knowledge on different methods of healing.  Kelly has meant more to me than I could have hoped for and has truly changed my life for the better.  I am so grateful and excited to continue my journey with her and her teachings!

Jackie A.

Working with Kelly in private sessions and attending her events over the past year has truly changed my life.  She is as bright and wonderful as you can imagine.  To be in the presence of Kelly and learn from her healing ways has been one of the biggest blessings.  I have taken all of her advice to heart, and I am grateful I have her loving presence in my life.

Shea G.

I have taken several classes with Kelly and she was warm and welcoming!  She explains seemingly intangible concepts with remarkable clarity!  As a master of multiple modalities, she has a broad perspective about energy and shares wisdom from her heart.

John F.

I have been working with Kelly for over 2 years and she has helped me tremendously.  She has opened my eyes to the wonderful blessings that I have in my life and the direction I want to go with my life!

Marina G.

Kelly teaches her classes in such a warm atmosphere and is true to her belief in creating personal and universal energy balance.  In her classes, I learned so much about how I could best utilize Reiki for myself and others seeking a more balanced awareness and life experience.

Marla S.

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