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Pure Vine Ayahuasca

Let the Mother Guide You

Are you interested in exploring plant medicine or working more closely with Ayahuasca in a way that doesn't require the commitment of an all-night ceremony or the use of DMT?


Microdosing Pure Vine Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) is a legal and gentle way to explore this powerful Mother plant from the Amazon and is a great way to introduce yourself to Ayahuasca rather than a full ceremonial dose that contains DMT.  It offers a way to stay connected to Mother Ayahuasca after a ceremony or between ceremonies as you go about your daily life.

Microdosing is the practice of taking a small, barely-noticeable dose of a psychedelic or plant medicine once every few days. Many people are exploring this as a way to heal and to open to their true-life purpose at this time of awakening on the planet. 


Some are using psychedelics; however, Pure Vine Ayahuasca does not contain DMT as the ceremonial blend does and does not have a psychedelic effect. As such, many are choosing to microdose with Pure Vine Ayahuasca.


Whether you’re totally new to Ayahuasca, or a regular ceremony attendee, microdosing with Pure Vine Ayahausca has many subtle benefits to support your awakening journey.


A microdose of Pure Vine, connects you to the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca and when used with intention and in a sacred right relationship, can bring you to a place of deeper harmony with self, mother earth, and your life. 


When microdosing, you are able to go about your daily life without disruption. However, you should notice subtle changes based on your intention and the healing benefits she brings.  My experience has been a feeling of deep grounding yet expansiveness and a deeper connection to all that is.

When you reflect on your journey with her, you may realize your day has gone a lot more smoothly than normal.   Perhaps you procrastinated less or found it easier to talk to people. Maybe you came up with new ideas or ate healthier food. 

Some people will microdose with ayahuasca every day for several weeks – or just take a single dose every now and then.  In reality, microdosing with ayahuasca will look very different from person to person.

Some people microdose with larger doses of ayahuasca, and use the enhanced state for deep spiritual connection. Other people will microdose with tiny amounts and are happy to have a couple of weeks with a subtle background glow of improved connection, synchronicities and wellbeing.

Some people start microdosing ayahuasca in order to treat serious conditions like depression, or to help process grief and trauma.  Some are hoping to reconnect to spiritual lessons they encountered during a full ayahuasca ceremony. Others are just looking for a mood boost, or an extra spark in their daily life.

No matter the reason, people everywhere are reporting surprising health and spiritual benefits from taking tiny drops of the ayahuasca vine in their daily lives.


You can purchase Pure Vine Ayahuasca microdosing drops and many other ceremonial items here: 



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