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Self Study Courses



Self Study Courses



Beloved friends,


My journey has gifted me with much wisdom to share, which I do readily through my sessions, classes, workshops and events. There are many teachers available to us and I was aligned with powerful wisdom keepers that have created beautiful guidebooks and teachings.


When my path aligned me with the sacred work of Luna and Sol and their mission work at Lonerwolf, I knew I was to share it with you.






If you are looking to support yourself through a deep dive on your journey, their E-Books, Courses, and Articles are amazing!


It is my hope that you will journey inward with this guidance either with me 1:1, in an upcoming small group setting, or on your own!


Please follow my affiliate link to LonerWolf and see what calls to you – I trust you will know and if you don’t, they have a handy quiz to help you! 




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