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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Sunset In Chicago March 23, 2023

While the above picture is not an actual rainbow, it does show us the beautiful new rainbow frequencies we are to able experience in our reality in this now. If you follow me on social media, you will see so many photo's of rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, and rainbow light codes that are blessing us each day! The skies are alive and so very beautiful!

When I was witness to this beautiful sunset a week ago, I heard the message "Some Where Over the Rainbow" as the song was being "sung" in my ear. I stood in awe at the sunset that seemed to last forever, and when I finally continued my walk I saw the waxing New Moon with the beautiful planet Venus above it. The energies were powerfully aligned delivering Love to the Earth and all beings that evening!

So what do we think of or how do we feel when we see a rainbow or rainbow colors?

The sighting of a rainbow usually elicits feelings of awe, a childlike excitement, and joy, as well as magic - think of that pot of gold!. Rainbows also bring all the colors together and symbolize unity, love, and acceptance!

So what else can it mean when you see a rainbow?

Rainbows symbolize good luck, wellness, happiness, health (chakras) , and can indicate a positive shift in vibration and the coming of positive energy! Again, rainbows also represent integration and serve as reminders that all things act as one. So they remind us to bring together all of the elements of spirit and choose to find balance, harmony, and love.

Solar Rainbow Light Codes

Also, given that they usually appear after a storm, rainbows are also a sign of hope. I recently attended a very sacred spiritual ceremony and after we completed it the "heavens opened up" and it rained and hailed very briefly, but very hard, only to give birth to the sun again. When I was driving home in my car, the storm clouds still lurked in the eastern sky with a rainbow within them. The rainbow is about what's on the other side of darkness and serves as an inspiration to remember to embody hope and joy because there are bright and beautiful times ahead on the other side!

New beginnings and transformation are represented by rainbows as well. The appearance of rainbows symbolize a chance to start over so if you've been asking for guidance or direction, consider rainbows to be a sign of confirmation. In summary, Rainbows symbolize:

  • Acceptance

  • Beginnings

  • Happiness

  • Harmony

  • Hope

  • Inspiration

  • Integration

  • Love

  • Luck

  • Joy

  • Spirituality

  • Transformation

So, If you can use a little rainbow energy in your life, I offer you this inspirational and classic song that truly encapsulates all of the above! It's the 1 Hour version to really light up your day!

Peace, Love, & Rainbow Light from my heart to yours!

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