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July's Freedom Codes & the 7.7.7 Gateway! July, 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 2

Alaska, 6/2023


Hello Beautiful Souls! Thank you so much for continuing to be such a light in my life and on this planet as we shift, change and grow into our best version of self and co-create our Awakened Soul Lives! As I shared with you last month, much is changing for the collective at a rapid pace. While it may not seem like it's all Love and Light, please be rest assured that what we are witnessing is a Divine Purification process for Humanity and the Earth. If we see and feel through the eyes of the heart, we come to see so much beauty emerging in the midst of seemingly chaotic times! What's Important For Us to Remember Now? Each of us has our own lens that filters and creates our reality! Each of us has our own journey and all should be honored! Each of us has a choice on how much inner work we do to clear our lens of perception! Each of us has a choice on what we want to truly experience and create in this lifetime! Each of us impacts the whole through the unity field! As we make positive changes for ourselves we impact all! Magic and Miracles are Real! We are Always Being Guided and Supported!

If We "Listen", We Have The Opportunity for Higher Vibrational Realities!

Everything is Truly Shifting in Miraculous Ways as We Birth New Earth Realities for All! This month we receive a Full Moon on July 3rd, Freedom Codes through the Crystalline Grids in the US in and around the 4th and the 7.7.7 Gateway of Soul Transformation all within the first week of July. I in-courage you to set your intention to receive for your highest and greatest divine organic alignment!

Open and Receive Beloveds!


IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH and MY REALITY CHANGES! Last month I shared that I am being guided to make significant changes in my life to support my highest and greatest reality and to be a way shower for what is truly possible. So much is happening that my head is spinning a bit, but I share with you now the divine alignment happening in my reality. I have been asked to step into full surrender as many of us are in this now. Surrendering to God/Universe and Divine Alignment. It's like stepping through a door without knowing exactly whats on the other side. LOL 😂 But I can say, I have learned to trust as I work through any remaining resistance and step forward knowing magic and miracles are on the other side. Actually they are right here, right now, I just need to allow them in and I am! This is #Freedom - fully and completely! Just in time for the Freedom Codes and Gateway to support this unfolding! So What's Up? Business first, after 4 years in my location on Happ Road in Northfield, I have been guided to close this office and pursue my practice and classes online via Zoom for now. I will still be able to see clients in person at an alternate local office. My office in Northfield will officially close on 7.22.23. My last day seeing clients there will be 7.17.23. I have started teaching yoga again at the studio I have been attending in Northbrook since 2009. I love this Taoist practice that has been so transformative for me and countless others. I am very excited to be sharing the principles and practices there through classes once again. It truly lights my joyful soul to express the energies in this way! At the moment I am teaching on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. If you are interested in trying a class, please let me know! I would love to welcome you to this sacred practice for your souls unfolding! I am also exploring the option of opening a spiritual center here locally and will let you know how that progresses as I am also being guided that I will be doing more planetary grid work in this now. In addition, I have a dream to offer Awakened Living Retreats and will be exploring that offering incorporating yoga, meditation, shamanic ceremonies, and opportunities for inspirational experiences to joyfully and inspirationally awaken your soul to new levels! Please stay tuned as my journey of sharing unfolds and expands 🙏 Personally I have been guided to sell my house and move here locally to support grid work in a new location. This is huge for me and was a giant step through that door of the unknown but it is all aligning with such divine perfection that there is no question that it is in right alignment. My home sold in 4 days, over ask price, to a lovely family that is also having a big cosmic reset. I had several choices where to land and in this now, I will be moving into the complex where my daughter lives and she is excited for us to be closer together once again for impromptu dinners, walks, etc. I know this will not be my final home, yet an intermediary stop along The Way. I do intend to share in more detail as I mentioned last month, yet things have been unfolding so fast, I haven't found the time. It is my mission to assist all beings and the earth through the transition to New Earth or Unity Consciousness & Awakened Living. I wish to expand my reach in the community as we continue through this shift so please stay tuned and if it resonates share anything that I offer that you find valuable!. It is always my intention to Inspire, In-lighten, In-power and In-courage you on your journey through my sharing. In the end it's always up to you and what you choose! All paths and choices are honored. I hope you will take the time to join me as I share these updates with you now and follow along on my unfolding journey as I explore the Unknown! Living from a Life of Surrender!


A Story of Universal Messages, Gratitude and a Humble Heart! One day on my trip to Seattle, I looked at my watch as we returned after a day of sight seeing and I had to laugh out loud! 😂 The time was: 4:44 - Angels are Guiding, Encouraging and Supporting You! My steps were: 24,879 #alotofwalking!!! But there's more stay tuned... The Distance was: 11:11 miles ... 11:11 New Beginnings, New Energy & Manifestation. Flights Climbed were: 58 #alotofclimbing!!! But also 5 is the number of transformation, and 8 abundance, and 5+8 = 13 which is also the number of the Divine Feminine. But what really makes this over the top is the number 24,879. It rang in my head as messages are not always 100% clear, and I remembered a song I used to know from back in the grunge days of my youth by a girl punk band from Seattle (I was in Seattle when I received this message) it was called 24,900 miles per hour. I remembered vaguely that it was supposedly the speed to launch off the earth.. or something like that... hmmm... I was intrigued. So I Googled: How fast to travel off the earth in mph? The Answer: About 25,000 miles per hour 😂 and this: "If you want to completely escape Earth's gravity and travel to another moon or planet, though, you need to be going - at a speed of at least 7 miles per second or about 25,000 miles per hour. But we wouldn't be flung off Earth. Gravity and the centrifugal force of Earth's spin keep us grounded. In order for us to feel weightless, the centrifugal force would need to be ramped up. At the equator, Earth would need to spin at 28,437 kilometers per hour for us to be lifted off into space." So while the number wasn't exact, it sure got the message across. I was a conduit for interplanetary grid work all day as I was sight seeing through the city. This was an inspirational message from the Divine - a thank you if you will.... I love these moments and this is one way how divine synchronicity works, how divine messages flow to us! I intuitively looked at my watch at exactly 4:44, with 24,879 steps/indicating I was acing as an interplanetary conduit 😁, with 11:11 indicating new beginnings and bringing in new frequencies to the grids, and 58 flights indicating transformation and divine abundance.... 13 - through the Divine Feminine - me... This is the reality that I work within. We all have signs and synchronicities guiding us along The Way. I hope this brings a smile to your face, sparks a light in your consciousness, and inspires you to create the space to tap in to what is guiding you! 🙏


One other piece of my journey that is calling to me greatly is to help the animals that have been greatly disrespected on this planet. They are conduits of pure unconditional love. The humans on this planet in a different vibrational frequency do not necessarily see through these eyes and it is a horrible reality for many of these precious souls. I have been supporting a group of beautiful angels in Mexico that run Kuxtal AC Sanctuary to assist many mistreated angel animal friends. The picture above is of Tapioca, a member of our family now that we brought back from Mexico. She was a stray living on the street severly injured and was rescued by Irving and his sanctuary. She required leg amputation due to her injuries but is the most perfect, loving, playful and beautiful soul. A blessing in our lives. She is a symbol of strength and determination, of healing and unconditional love as she chooses to trust her journey and her human caregivers after her previous misfortunes. Many have and are suffering more than she has and deserve the opportunity to live in a loving environment. If you are able, any financial assistance to them will benefit many. The beautiful human angelics running this sanctuary are angels helping angels. They work tirelessly and see so much pain and suffering each day in order to bring more love and harmony to the planet. Let us join in and support them through monthly donations or even a one time donation. This is another way we can help shift the reality we live in. All that we give comes back ten-fold. Please consider this call for assistance as you are able! 🙏 Can you help us? 🩵🩵 HSBC: 4213 1661 3244 6760 Cuenta: 6485409738 Clabe interbancaria: 021691064854097389 BBVA/BANCOMER: Cuenta:1523255015 Clabe interbancaria: 012691015232550150 Código SWIFT: BCMRMXMMPYM OXXO/ SPIN 4217 4700 8918 2154 Paypal: Venmo: @santuariokuxtal GRACIAS All facebook and instagram posts can be translated to English..


In closing, I offer you this beautiful song.

This morning I was beautifully surprised by the light language that flowed through in my morning practice. It was definitely our native ancestors and inspired me to share this with you. I am me, I am you, we are all one.. I thank you with so much heartfelt gratitude for all of the time that we have journeyed together, and I look forward to our collective journey unfolding in each now moment! Let us continue to create CommUnity and amplify and expand our circle of light to reach more loving soul family and support our Earth Mother and all beings! With Love, Kelly 💗

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