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Living With the Rhythm of Nature

Has anyone noticed all of the Dragonflies joyfully frolicking around here in the Chicago area as we begin our transition into Fall?

I’ve deeply connected with them twice now as they seemingly dance in the wind with the sun illuminating their iridescent wings. They instantly light up my heart, calm my body, and engage me energetically.

Well, that’s pretty much me and nature all the time!

As we remember that everything is a divine mirror and that mother nature is supporting us in all ways at all times, we can look at the symbolism and lesson of the Dragonfly and the messages they have for us!

Dragonflies remind us to spread our wings and go with the flow like they ride on the wind. They don’t try to change anything; they are harmoniously one with the elements. They don’t think about the past or worry about the future, they are completely in the now as they are carried by the wind. They Trust. They remind us to be happy in each moment as they frolic joyfully in the breeze.

Dragonflies have a relatively short life span and remind us to live life to the fullest! As we are transitioning from Summer to Fall we find ourselves moving from a place of action and movement and into a harvesting period and eventually slowing and retreating into winter. Dragonfly reminds us to play and have fun now!

This magical little “dragon” has a powerful energy and essence reminding us to be alive, aware, and grateful for the simple things in life!

Dragonfly medicine brings us energetic support with good luck, prosperity – coming into harvest, strength, peace, harmony, and purity.

As we are intrinsically connected to each other, the earth, and all beings, it’s so helpful to remember to be in the now and see what Mother Nature is showing you.

What are the trees, the plants, the animals, the insects doing right now? Who’s showing up and what is their unique message to us?

When we learn to live in harmony with Gaia and embrace the changes we see and feel with her, we are one with the unity flow and we have an opportunity to support ourselves in really amazing ways.

When we embrace the wisdom that we are a soul having a human experience and that we are eternal beings that chose to come to planet earth to learn, remember and experience our divinity through a human body and on this unique and beautiful planet, we have taken a big step in our awakening.

When we embrace the wisdom that our bodies are a gift from Gaia to support the soul and that the body has a consciousness of its own that is deeply connected to Mother Gaia, then we have again awakened to a higher wisdom.

With this knowledge, we begin to understand, feel and sense how we cycle with her and all that is. The sun the moon, the stars, the cosmos, the plants, animals, trees, insects, waters ....

We can then honor this and begin to tune in and explore exactly what it means and how it can change our life experience.

When we allow ourselves to feel and explore our unified connection with the divine flow of universal energy in all of its magnificence, life as we know it changes.

Gaia and all her realms become our allies, teachers, friends, and an eternal source of love and wisdom that can guide us in our lives and creations. When we do this we are also supporting all of creation, all life, as we are working in harmony with all that is.

Often times I say it is a magical and mystical journey that we are on - and it is!

As we Remember, As we put the puzzle pieces together, We Remember ....

I Am, You Are, We are One. One with all that is!

We are individuated sparks of God/Source

We are here to remember our interconnectedness

We are here to remember Unity and Love as the guiding keys to our existence

Our remembering, embodying, and living by this wisdom will create

Peace on Earth and Save our Planet and Future Generations

And So Much More...

The Time is Now Beloveds, Remember.....

I am here as I always have been to Inspire, Empower and Support You.... in your remembering.

With Love,


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