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Star Family Message

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Sending love and blessings to all on this amazing 4.4 Gateway!

It has truly been a most auspicious 2022 to date, and I know we are only beginning!

Eclipse season starts soon and then off we GOOOOO!

Last night was a cosmic journey surfing the energies with my star family very present and reciting poetry to me. I managed to write a few down as I lay in an altered state body buzzing head to toe in total cosmic bliss.

This one I feel is so important for everyone to affirm and bring awareness. We are not alone, all is well.

Come with me Now…

Into the Night

Where We May See

The One, The Two, The Three

The Holy Trinity

Look at the Stars

Twinkle so Bright

Flashes in the Sky

Night after Night

We are Your Family

We Are Here

We are Your Family

We Are Near

When You open Your Eyes

You shall See

That I am You

And You are Me

When We Join Together…

Brothers & Sisters

We will Flourish

Back in the Garden

As ALL is Restored

Open the Doors of Your Heart Once More