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Finding True Self Light Language

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Beautiful Friends,

I am sharing with you today a transcription that I had done for a Light Language transmission I did when doing Gridwork a few years back. It was such a powerful transmission and filled with so much emotion, I decided to have one of my beloved mentors that does light language transcription take a listen for me.

Here's what he had to say:

I can confirm this is the ancient Language of the Heart, the primary and oldest language spoken. So absolutely genuine in every way.

The origin energy behind this emotional transmission offered itself to be Native American, certainly indigenous in nature but as a collective energy, a tribe speaking as One together.

You certainly speak the Language of the Heart, Voice of the Soul. They are wonderful words you have spoken with so much Truth of Source flowing through them.

It is as though Nature (Na Tor-a) itself was speaking to you.

Well done for bringing this into the world!

Loving the words given.

It is just like Bible speak and the words are pure,

Divine and full of the truth of wisdom. Thank you for allowing me to transcribe this for you.

Paul Dobree-Carey 3/2020 (Transmission Date 1.28.19)

And Here's the Transmission - It's a powerful guide post and reminder for those on the Awakening Path!

Know Your Self,

By connecting to Your Higher Self and Your Subconscious Spirit.

Master Your Knowing, by Understanding

All that You Are in the Now Moment.

Your Identity is the Vibration that You Become in the Now Moment.

When you Change your Vibration (through emotional reaction),

You Become Another Version of Your Self,

As Your Vibration Moves from One State to Another.

The Higher Your Vibration,

The Higher Version of You that Becomes Your Identity.

Master Holding onto the Truth of Who You Are,

By Remaining with the Higher Vibration of Truth.

Speak Truth, Hold Truth Within, Transform All to Truth, Be Truth.

Purify the Self to Become the Truth that is the Higher Self.

I AM the Truth. The Higher Self is the Truth.

I AM that which is Holy Within Your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is What You Become

When You Move Beyond the Frequencies You Identify as You

in the Now moment.

You are Not the Truth.

HU-man Does Not Live Within the Truth

Until HU-man Becomes Higher Self.

Truth Remains as the Higher Self

When you Purify all the Darkness Within

by Transforming Your Self into the Light of Truth.

Awaken the Truth Within You

By Purifying All that Remains as You Existing in the Now.

Knowledge Comes from Understanding Your True Honored Self.

To Know Your Honored Self is to Know the Truth of Who You Are.

The Love Within is Infinite and Sacred,

Held within the Subconscious.

As you Master the Self, the More You Know Your Self,

For Nothing Exists Outside of Your True Self.

Knowing is infinite, as Truth is infinite.

Bring Truth into your Heart

And Create Who You are From Your True Self.

Know That as YOU Integrate Into Your Self,

Then Who You Are Becomes Truth in Infinite Form.

The Feelings that Come from You will be of Truth

Because the Essence of who YOU are is Truth.

You Exist as Your Spirit Self in Truth,

You are Truth, Truth is One with YOU.

Make Truth Your Knowledge and One-ly (only) Truth

And All You Exist as will Become

One with That which created All That Is.

All that You Know, is All that I Am.

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